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Venecia se hunde | DW Documental
by DW Documental
4 days ago    1,041,426 Views
Venecia está inundada y ha declarado el estado de emergencia. La ciudad de los canales es un ejemplo del tesón humano por dominar la naturaleza. En ..
Revolutions of 1848: Crash Course European History #26
by CrashCourse
3 days ago    107,346 Views
In 1848, Europe experienced a wave of revolutions. Last week we covered some of the reform movements that presaged these uprisings. This week, we're l..
What Is The Secret Of Happiness? | The School of Jessica Kellgren-Fozard
by The School of Life
1 month ago    1,177,160 Views
This is the BIG one, the question that has been searched for as long as humans have traveled the earth. Perspective on this matter is everything. One ..
The Sneaky Plan to Subvert the Electoral College for the Next Election
by CGP Grey
2 days ago    1,321,615 Views
Footnote: Thank you, my patrons, for making this video possible: Special thank..
The Rat Race Explained - Life's Financial Trap
by Practical Wisdom - Interesting Ideas
6 days ago    259,317 Views
The rat race starts sometime after you are done with college. You get your first job which pays decently enough to allow you to buy your college dream..
3 Perplexing Physics Problems
by Veritasium
2 days ago    1,134,762 Views
Why does shaken soda explode? Does ice melt first in fresh or salt water? Thank you Squarespace for sponsoring this video. Go to https://squarespace.c..
Under threat: Venice's need to rescue its future | DW Documentary
by DW Documentary
4 days ago    823,039 Views
Built on small islands and mud banks, Venice is slowly sinking. More than ever before, the pearl of the Adriatic is under threat. Having recently been..
The world's largest + most important IGOs you should know (Geography Now!)
by Geography Now
2 days ago    90,414 Views
Now if I ever mentioned these in a country video again I can just refer you to this video for context. We both win and make our lives easier. Check ..
Should I Marry Someone I Don't Love? | The School of Adam Saleh
by The School of Life
1 month ago    0 Views
To put it differently, is acting on impulse, blinded by love, really the cleverest way of choosing the person we will be with forever? Adam Saleh, bes..
Beta Thalassemia - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology
by Osmosis
2 days ago    5,205 Views
What is beta thalassemia? Beta thalassemia is a genetic disorder where there’s a deficiency in production of the β-globin chains of hemoglobin, whi..
Spreadsheet Footnote: Electoral College & Apportionment Edition
by CGP Grey
2 days ago    461,461 Views
Main video: Post with spreadsheet download:
Off to a dream wedding in Kerala | DW Documentary
by DW Documentary
3 days ago    29,264 Views
Pratheesh is from India but he’s become a bit German too; after all, he works at Bosch. Now, he’s going back home to get married. He’s taking hi..
¿Qué hace un líder?
by Colegio de Líderes Fundación Miguel Ángel Cornejo
9 years ago    72,292 Views
Concepto desarrollado en la conferencia magistral Mujer y hombre Binomio para Triunfar. Colegio de Líderes| Fundación Miguel Ángel Cornejo. www.c..
Robert Kiyosaki: Biggest Stock Market Crash in History Coming in 2016 – June 28, 2015
by Palisade Radio
4 years ago    235,102 Views
401ks, rigged stock markets, wars in the Middle East, and government stupidity! These are the ingredients for a major catastrophe just over the horizo..
¡Ser el mejor del mundo!
by Colegio de Líderes Fundación Miguel Ángel Cornejo
9 years ago    68,494 Views
¡Ser el mejor del mundo! Concepto desarrollado en la conferencia magistral "La pasión de ser empresario" Colegio de Líderes Fundación Miguel Áng..
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