Purrfect Babies
by TheEllenShow
15 hours ago    26,825 Views
Cats and babies have a lot in common. They walk on all fours, they climb over everything, and the older they get, the more they ignore their parents. ..
More Than a Feline
by TheEllenShow
15 hours ago    29,610 Views
It’s finally the most exciting week of the entire year... Cat Week! That’s right, we’ve got cats gettin’ crazy, felines gettin’ frisky, tabb..
Joshua Radin Performs 'Here, Right Now'
by TheEllenShow
2 days ago    19,714 Views
One of Ellen's favorite artists, Joshua Radin, took the stage to perform his song, "Here, Right Now." #JoshuaRadin #TheEllenShow #Ellen
Nicole Scherzinger & Nick Cannon Guess 'The Masked Dancer'
by TheEllenShow
2 days ago    370,353 Views
Guest host tWitch welcomed "The Masked Singer" stars Nicole Scherzinger and Nick Cannon to the show, and the three served as panelists on another edit..
Nick Cannon vs. Average Andy in '5 Second Rule'
by TheEllenShow
2 days ago    169,713 Views
Guest host tWitch emceed a game of "5 Second Rule" between Nick Cannon and Ellen's Executive Producer Andy. Find out what Nick buys at Target, and wha..
Ellen Staffers Share Their Coming Out Stories
by TheEllenShow
3 days ago    347,303 Views
October 11 is National Coming Out Day, and some of Ellen's staff are sharing their personal coming out stories. From the first moment they knew they w..
Nicole Scherzinger Loves to Twerk in the Gym
by TheEllenShow
3 days ago    552,204 Views
Nicole Scherzinger explained to Ellen's guest host tWitch why she likes to take a dance break and twerk in the gym every now and then. Plus, she chatt..
Kids & Their Parents Get Groovin' with The Fam Jam!
by TheEllenShow
3 days ago    20,854 Views
Guest host tWitch welcomed his friend, choreographer Phil Wright, who has a popular class called "The Fam Jam." It provides an environment in which ki..
tWitch & Allison Will Give You 'Motivation' to Get on Your Feet!
by TheEllenShow
3 days ago    849,842 Views
tWitch served as Ellen's guest host, so he invited his favorite dance partner, his pregnant wife Allison, to join him for a special dance! #tWitch #A..
tWitch & Kalen End the Show with 'Single Ladies'
by TheEllenShow
3 days ago    204,759 Views
Guest host tWitch and DJ for the day Kalen Allen showed off their Beyoncé moves by dancing to "Single Ladies" after the show. #KalenAllen #tWItch #B..
Nick Cannon Clarifies Remarks on Mariah Carey Marriage
by TheEllenShow
3 days ago    190,462 Views
Nick Cannon clarified a previous comment he made about remarrying ex-wife Mariah Carey. Plus, he talked to guest host tWitch about falling asleep in h..
Which tWitch: Halloween Dance Off
by TheEllenShow
3 days ago    45,323 Views
Ellen’s favorite dancing DJ, tWitch, is taking part in the spookiest dance off of all time, and he's competing against...himself! tWitch breaks out ..
Behind the Scenes: The Making of Average Andy in 'Cats'
by TheEllenShow
3 days ago    94,813 Views
In honor of Cat Week, Ellen's Executive Producer Andy performed a stirring rendition of "Memory" from "Cats." Here's a behind-the-scenes video of how ..
Michael Douglas' Son Is a Daredevil
by TheEllenShow
4 days ago    259,355 Views
Michael Douglas explained to Ellen how his son is quite the daredevil, and the smart advice he gives the 19-year-old for his daring acts. Plus, the Ho..
Audience Members Compete (and Fail) in 'TV Show and Tell'
by TheEllenShow
4 days ago    157,827 Views
With all the new shows on TV, you have to pretend you've seen some of them so your friends won't judge you, so Ellen tested two audience members' know..
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