Why should you read Dante’s “Divine Comedy”? - Sheila Marie Orfano
by TED-Ed
4 days ago    148,558 Views
Explore Dante Alighieri’s epic poem, “Divine Comedy,” a 3-part narrative that follows Dante’s journey for salvation through Hell. -- “Aban..
Are we living in a simulation? - Zohreh Davoudi
by TED-Ed
6 days ago    218,407 Views
Is our reality a detailed computer simulation? And how can we know for sure? Explore the scientific and philosophical theories surrounding this debate..
The first and last king of Haiti - Marlene Daut
by TED-Ed
7 days ago    162,743 Views
Dive into the life of Henry Christophe, a former slave and leader in the Haitian Revolution and the only king of Haiti. -- The royal couple of Hait..
"For Estefani" poem by Aracelis Girmay
by TED-Ed
2 weeks ago    49,797 Views
A poet receives a card with a cryptic message from a third grader. What she uncovers is a perfect little moment of beauty. -- An animated interpret..
Ugly history: Japanese American incarceration camps - Densho
by TED-Ed
2 weeks ago    156,436 Views
Dig into the historic injustice of Japanese American incarceration camps, also known as internment camps, during World War II. -- On December 7, 19..
The Prison Break | Think Like A Coder, Ep 1
by TED-Ed
2 weeks ago    235,590 Views
The adventure begins! Episode 1: Ethic awakens in a mysterious cell. Can she and robot Hedge solve the programming puzzles blocking their escape? -- ..
Einstein's twin paradox explained - Amber Stuver
by TED-Ed
3 weeks ago    615,677 Views
Follow two astronauts into outer space to explore time dilation and Einstein’s theory of relativity through the Twin Paradox thought experiment. -..
Why should you read “The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy? - Laura Wright
by TED-Ed
3 weeks ago    149,706 Views
Dig into Arundhati Roy’s “The God of Small Things,” and follow the story of fraternal twins whose lives are destroyed by society’s “Love Law..
The myth of the Sampo— an infinite source of fortune and greed - Hanna-Ilona Härmävaara
by TED-Ed
3 weeks ago    251,068 Views
Download a free audiobook version of "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" and support TED-Ed's nonprofit mission: https://www.audible.c..
Think Like a Coder | Teaser Trailer
by TED-Ed
3 weeks ago    164,165 Views
Introducing TED-Ed's new 10-episode coding series, Think Like A Coder! The adventure follows a duo trying to save the world, solving programming puzzl..
What makes neon signs glow? A 360° animation - Michael Lipman
by TED-Ed
4 weeks ago    135,013 Views
In this 360° animation, explore the vibrant world of neon signs and learn the science of what makes them glow. -- When the Hoover Dam was complete..
A day in the life of an ancient Celtic Druid - Philip Freeman
by TED-Ed
4 weeks ago    340,905 Views
Join the Celtic druid Camma in her village as she conducts religious rites, serves as a healer, and mediates conflict between tribes. -- As the sun ..
Can you solve the secret sauce riddle? - Alex Gendler
by TED-Ed
4 weeks ago    379,979 Views
As a top spy trained in infiltration and safecracking, it’s up to you to steal the competition’s secret sauce recipe. Can you figure out where it'..
A brief history of chess - Alex Gendler
by TED-Ed
1 month ago    482,564 Views
Trace the storied history of the game of chess, from its origins in 7th century India to the computer software we use today. -- The attacking infan..
Why should you read “Midnight’s Children”? - Iseult Gillespie
by TED-Ed
1 month ago    163,280 Views
Dive into Salman Rushdie’s masterpiece, “Midnight’s Children,” a work of magical realism that deals with India’s transition from British col..
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